~ The History of Delicia's English Toffee® ~

Delicia's English ToffeeMy mother, Jean Frantz, started making this candy over 50 years ago. I treasure my earliest memories of this special event ...

It was only made for the Christmas holidays, one batch for our family and another for special friends of the family. The recipe was NOT to be given to anyone. (She did say however, that should someone manage to get a copy, they would not be able to make the toffee taste the same ... because she always left one key ingredient out!)

Early in December, Mother would begin blanching and roasting the almonds. My father, sister and I would chop them by hand. Some of the blanched almonds were ground up to sprinkle over the top, and then the actual candy making would begin. 

My father, Dolph, would stir, a forty-five minute procedure from start to finish. Only mother knew when it was time to pour and spread it. The chocolate was then spread on top followed by ground almonds. Then it was put into decorated bags and delivered.

When I grew up, I began making the candy to give as Christmas gifts. The making of the candy was sign to my children that Christmas was near. They carried on the tradition ... chopping the almonds and helping me stir and spread each batch. We then delivered it, adding family doctors and teachers to our candy gift list. My list grew when I discovered that no one wanted to share their bag of toffee with anyone ... even going so far as hiding it from their nurses, spouses, and children.

One year, a friend I had given the candy to asked me if I would be in a Christmas gift show. They sold out in two hours. That was seven years ago.

I still make the candy by hand, using the original recipe, stirring each batch by hand ... a labor of love. I have broken one of my mother’s rules, I now make it from Thanksgiving through Mothers Day.

Once someone gives Delicia's English Toffee™ as a gift, they start a tradition with that person, as well as make a friend for life.

I am called “The Candy Lady” by some ... with a name like Delicia, my mother must have known I would carry on the tradition. Enjoy.

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